Forex Signals in Telegram – Top 5 Providers

Forex signals in Telegram could be based on technical analysis charting tools or news-based events. No matter your level of trading skill and experience, forex signals can help you enhance your trading activities.

competent traders have the opportunity to broaden the scope of their profitability level and experience using foreign exchange (forex) signals. If you are a forex trader, whichever way you elect to depend on forex signals, it helps to get a better understanding of what they’re and how they can assist you trade better.

Forex Signals in Telegram (Trading, Signals)

There are many forex traders attach to these Forex Signals in Telegram. By joining them, you have the opportunity to ask any question related to trading from experts, learn the strategy of how to trade in forex, which forex signals are best for trading?

We have compiled a detailed analysis for you showcasing 5 Best Forex Signals in Telegram Channels or Groups with an extensive detailed review to help you choose the best forex signal provider in Telegram for yourself.

List of 5 Best Forex Trading Signal in Telegram

ListForex Signals in Telegram
3Elliott Wave Forecast
5Elliott Waves


I checked to make sure the channels or groups on the top Telegram channels that share free forex signals were genuine and free. You will get everything you need to enhance your forex trading experience at ULTREOS FOREX as well.

There are about 35k subscribers to the channel.

Because of the transparency and accuracy of its signals and analysis, the majority of viewers find this channel to be beneficial. The owner of ULTREOS FOREX, Anonymous Trader, is a skilled forex trader who assists the majority of the channel’s newbies.

They assert that their forex channel offers more than 80% accurate forex signals in Telegram.

Always be on the lookout for patterns. You might learn a lot about FX trading from this channel if you’re a newbie.

Free Telegram Forex Group - Daily Forex Trading Signals


ULTREOS FOREX is one of the best consultant firms and Forex Signals in Telegram, who provide quality consultation in various markets in the form of research, analysis and Forex signals.

They analyze each and every market moment to bring the best consultation service for you. They provide services for educational and training purposes.

ULTREOS FOREX is the leading provider of real-time market news, market analysis, trade ideas and Forex signals For Forex Trading in Telegram. On average 80% of his Forex signals make profit.

Every Week he sends his members over 7+ profitable forex signals through telegram with an average of 200–300+ pips per week. Their forex signals and technical analysis are based on deep research On Price Action Analysis, Impulse and Correction related strategy, Elliot wave, Classic Patterns, Advanced Patterns or any other like Candle Stick Patterns. It can be a truly great solution for beginners.

Signals Per week7-8
Free Analysis5 per week
Fees75$ per Month
FeaturesFree educational guides, great customer support, Entry Point, Stop loss , Take-profit about trades included , Free Paid Books for learning, Weekly 7-8 sure shot signals, long term and short term trade and average 85% Accuracy.

Some Unique features and characteristics of ULTREOS FOREX

✅ Free forex signals with up to 80% accuracy consistently❌ No fixed number of forex signals
✅ Weekly 200-500 pips confirmed❌ No free forex signals
✅ One SL and One TP
✅ Risk Reward Ratio 1 : 4 to 1 : 8
✅ They always close the whole position


TraderSZ focus on understanding the language of the market using pure price action. you’re a novice or an experienced trader, They believe you could gain a unique insight into mapping market movements.

They will share their analysis on FX, Crypto, Indices and Commodities. If price changes throughout the trading week, their trade ideas will be updated and managed in real time via the premium subscribers’ private twitter feed.

TraderSZ Twitter

Forex Trading Education

The intraweek recordings will be used to chart out future setups and journal trades that have been executed with thorough justification. They believe, you will find what you are looking for whether you use this site for analysis or are looking for a hands-on approach to understanding the markets utilizing price movement in real time. Please visit their YouTube channel to learn more about how they approach the market.

Analysis Per week7-8
Live Trading5 per week
Fees£77.99 / Month
FeaturesAccess to a private twitter feed which will have regular chart setups posted in real time.
✅ Free forex analysis with up to 75% accuracy consistently❌ No fixed number of forex signals
✅ They will share our analysis on FX, Crypto, Indices and Commodities. As price unfolds during the trading week❌ No free forex signals
✅ The private twitter feed for premium subscribers will be used to update and manage our trade ideas in real time.❌ This is not a signal service
✅ The intraweek videos will be for journaling trades taken with detailed explanation behind them and to map out future setups
✅ seeking a hands on approach to understanding the markets using price action in real time

Elliott Wave

Elliott Wave Prediction being one of the biggest technical analysis and Forex Signals providers in Telegram. Among the many asset classes offered by ElliottWave Forecast are Forex, Commodities, Cryptocurrencies, World Indices, U.S. Stocks, and ETF.

With such a wide range of asset classes, you may easily take advantage of practically any incoming market opportunity and generate exponential returns.

Elliott Wave Forecast Expert Analysis & Signals

Similar to this, Elliott Wave Forecast’s expert team is another feature that elevates it to the top of Telegram’s Forex Signals. Similar to this, market earnings can only be realized when your choices are supported by thorough investigation.

Forex Expert Analysis & Signals

Therefore, Elliott Wave Forecast provides a 14-day trial period to its users prior to any commitments when it comes to service delivery. Which makes it the top free forex signal provider because it offers a very hard-to-find feature these days when it comes to forex signal providers. Additionally, this gives users a chance to sample the platform and fosters long-term client trust.

Analysis Per week1 Hour Elliott Wave Counts (NY & Asia)
Live Trading4HR, Daily & Weekly EW Counts
Fees$99.99/ per Month*
FeaturesLive Trading Room (Trading Signals) Daily Technical Videos
Weekend Technical Videos
Live Trading Room (Trading Signals)
✅ Outstanding site for educational content, trading information and live sessions.❌ Signals are sent only on Telegram
✅ They offer offer 5 Webinar Recordings and 1-1 coaching.
✅ 78 Instruments
✅ Sequences Report
✅ 24 Hour Chat Rooms


The finest trading platform for forex is MQL5, which is one of the main resources for users of the MT4 and MT5 platforms. One of its special features is a Web terminal that offers a fully functional technical analysis platform. It also has a social trading feature and an open market where users can trade services like hosting, software, and other things.


Any trader with forex trading expertise is able to provide signals because performance is prioritized more so than a stereotyped approach, and traders are only evaluated on the basis of their performance.

Most unique Forex platforms

A user-friendly method like this enables them to interact with a diverse network of dealers around the world.

Every trader has a distinct price point for their services based on their historical success rate because this is a competitive market for traders to offer forex signal services.

Signals Per weekAutomatic Trading (5-6)
Trading StrategyAll kind of strategy (4HR, Daily & Weekly)
Fees$30-$40 per Month
FeaturesCopy Trading
✅ Signals is a copy-trading service allowing you to automatically copy provider’s deals on your trading account. ❌ Signals are sent only on Telegram
✅ Use Signals to boost your Forex trading efficiency.
✅ 78 Instruments
✅ Monitored accounts are provided with a detailed statistics and trading history

Elliott Waves

Elliott Waves - Best FXStreet Technical Analysis award in 2016

Elliott Waves is probably the most well-known and is more technically oriented; there aren’t many fundamentals, but he bases his trades on COT data and technical analysis (primarily COT); it’s a good strategy, but it has drawbacks, so you should always conduct your own research before following any trade.

Signals Per week5-6
Trading StrategyMid and Long-term view on different markets
Fees58,00€ per month
FeaturesVideo Analysis and webinars
✅ FX Live / Intraday updates❌ Signals are sent only on Telegram
✅ TN (Trading notes)
✅ Chat Room (Slack)

Top Forex Signals Telegram Groups Of 2022

Get access to FREE Live Forex Signals in Telegram sent by top Forex Signals Provider. The free Forex signals are sent on the telegram messenger app.  Join the FREE Forex Signals in Telegram Groups today! Read It: – Top 10 Best Forex Signals Providers in 2023 With High Win Rate

Channel Name Group Links
2. Forex signal club – groupCLICK HERE
3. Best Forex Telegram GroupCLICK HERE
4. Free Telegram Forex SignalsCLICK HERE
5. Ride The Pig CLICK HERE
6. FX Hunter WealthCLICK HERE
7. Trading PuzzlesCLICK HERE
8. RichTL theSignalystCLICK HERE
9. fxsimplifiedCLICK HERE
10. Elliott WavesCLICK HERE
11. Aeris Trading Real ChannelCLICK HERE
12. VasilyTraderCLICK HERE
14. LingridCLICK HERE
15. TntsunriseCLICK HERE
16. Trading stoicCLICK HERE
17. Tradia ChannelCLICK HERE
18. Devika Forex GroupCLICK HERE
20. Forex Trading GroupCLICK HERE
21. Forexway Chat GroupCLICK HERE
22. BeSomebody ForexCLICK HERE
23. Royal Forex Signals FREECLICK HERE
24. Wicktator Chart AnalysisCLICK HERE
25. TraderSZ Technical AnalysisCLICK HERE

Disclaimer of these Telegram Channels:

Do not put on the line money you can not afford to lose, especially credit money. Do not take any trading or investment decision while being emotional. Always maintain your composure. Additionally, We encourage you to do proper risk management and do not ever invest the amount of money that can be essential for you in any possible way.

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3 Factors to Consider Before You Start Using Signals

Before using signals, there are certain things to think about.

Many newcomers believe that using signals will guarantee success, but this is just untrue. While signals offer crucial market information, they cannot totally eliminate the dangers involved in foreign exchange trading. Before you begin utilizing the services of signal providers, there are a number of things to keep in mind.

Understanding that no two signal providers are same and that some provide higher-quality services than others is crucial. The correctness of the signals can significantly affect one’s final outcomes.

Some providers merely include the TP and SL levels, along with minimal call-to-action information. Others provide in-depth charts and commentary that may be more beneficial to traders. The main line is that you must understand exactly what you are agreeing to! prior to using the signals provided by a specific source.

Analyze the market situation independently. Remember that signals are only recommendations; this is crucial. Utilizing them is not an acceptable defense for not having a thorough understanding of the market situation.

Before acting on the signals you receive, take the time to educate yourself about the state of the market and its restrictions.

Think about your personal risk appetite. Trading foreign currencies is a risky endeavor, made increasingly worse when done on margin with leverage. There’s always a chance you could lose a lot of money in a moment.

When you leverage your positions, the enormous swings inherent to pairs like XAU/USD, for instance, might instantly wipe out your whole balance. Before acting on a trading signal, a trader should take some time to consider what level of risk they are comfortable with.

Do your research with due diligence and consider the following criteria before you make a pick.

Make sure the indications provided by a certain source fit your unique requirements and trading style. A service that offers scalping signals would be more convenient for traders who use scalping tactics. On the other side, a position trader is more likely to favor a service that provides them with long-term signals. Verify how many trades the relevant provider sends out each day.

A higher number often suggests that the supplier uses brief time intervals for market analysis and would be better suited to short-term traders. You are likely looking at a long-term signal service with suggestions that are also based on fundamental research if only a few signals are sent during the week.

The time zone is another key factor that bears consideration.

Short-term signals must be responded to as quickly as feasible in order to be useful. If you choose a signal provider from another continent, you can find up getting notifications while you’re sound asleep. If you don’t receive short-term signals in a timely manner, they are essentially meaningless.

Pay attention to the provider’s track record.

This will offer you a precise notion of the service’s quality and the provider’s effectiveness. Before making a decision, compare and assess your possibilities. Consider their overall success rate; a supplier with signals that are successful 80% of the time is preferable to one with signals that are successful 50% or 60% of the time. Observing comments made by other signal users can also be helpful.

Consider the availability of additional services.

Some signal providers just supply the bare minimum of data, such as entry/exit prices and SL/TP levels. Additional market and chart analysis is provided in addition to the indications of others.

This boosts traders’ confidence because they can now clearly see the basis for the signals. The recommended SL and TP are often based on significant support and resistance levels shown on the charts. This knowledge can help you accelerate your learning process and help you on the road to being a self-employed trader.

Look for free webinars, how-to videos, periodic market outlooks, headlines, and watchlists as educational resources. The availability of such content demonstrates how concerned the signal provider is with the customers that use its services. I wish you luck in locating it.

How To Join Forex Signals Provider Telegram Channel or Group?

Joining a telegram channel or group that provides Forex Signals is very convenient. All you have to do is follow these simple steps:

·First, you must install the Telegram app from Google Play Store” if you are an Android user.
·Install the Telegram app from the App Store” if you’re an iPhone user.
·Later, open the Telegram app, minimize it, and click on the links I’ve listed further. You’ll get automatically redirected to the telegram channel or group for the best forex signals provider telegram channels or groups.
·In case the links are not working for some reason, you can manually search by typing the name of the telegram channel or group.

Frequently Asked Questions – Forex Signals

1. Which is the best free Forex Signal Provider?

ULTREOS FOREX is one of the best free forex signal provider telegram channels you can join. The channel provides the forex signals absolutely for free, and the joining is open to everyone.

2. Can I Rely on Forex Signals?

In all honesty, the response to this query should be a resounding “No.” Never depend on a channel, telegram group, or forex signal source. The explanation is straightforward: if you are unfamiliar with forex trading, try to study everything there is to know about it before attempting to trade on this market. You will never get anything by blindly following a random Telegram channel or group.

3. Are Forex Signals Accurate?

Occasionally, yes; often, no. There is nothing wrong with using forex signals if you have money and can afford to lose some of it, but most traders do so because they lack time.
There are some providers who assert to offer accurate forex signals when it comes to their accuracy. However, they are struggling with the word “accuracy” as well.
Finally, don’t trust expert traders or businesses that guarantee outstanding outcomes without offering evidence.

4. Where Can I get Legit Forex Signals for Free?

Following this article can get you the legit forex signals provider telegram channels and groups. I’ve listed some of their best, and I’ll keep updating the post for your betterment.

5. What is the best Forex Signal Telegram Group?

I found “ULTREOS FOREX” is one of the best forex signal provider telegram groups that you can join. However, you should always ensure the group is active and the admins share updated information before joining.

6. Which Currency Pair is most profitable in Forex?

EUR and USD these two currencies are the most profitable in Forex. For the following reasons, the Euro/US dollar pair is regarded as the most profitable currency pair in forex: High liquidity: The European economy is the second-largest in the world, after the United States.

Bottom Line

Due to their many advantages, trading signal services are becoming more and more popular. Investors who have paid for Forex signal services receive alerts and execute deals automatically. Investors only need to specify their level of risk tolerance; the signal providers will take care of the rest in accordance with that level. The subscribers do not need to keep an eye on the trading activity. Instead, all customers need to do is join up for the appropriate Forex signals service.

Even while new and inexperienced traders use the Forex signals service most frequently, it comes as no surprise that expert traders also utilize it to save time and develop trading techniques.