Warning against illegal third party signal providers

Due to the multiple cases of scammers around my channel and name I need to clarify things for you guys, so you do not fall into the scammers hands and you money will be saved.

Unfortunately, there have been many false accounts made on many different platforms impersonating Bruce Web or someone else the ULTREOS FOREX. We have been working extremely hard to get these accounts shut down. ULTREOS FOREX does not message people directly asking for a payment.

Simple things you have to do in order not to become the victim of a scammer:

1) Make sure you are following the original channel – | All other channels are impersonators and must not be associated with the original channel.

2) I have only 1 account on telegram: (double check who you are contacting to) I have no any sub-accounts or representatives of me. Please be aware of impersonators and do not send money to any account that is not listed on our website.

3) We do not offer account management services and investment offer, just signals. Besides, we strongly recommend you not to trust anybody who offers that service. No one should have access to your account. They usually do crazy risky investments to seek profits so they usually blow your account.

⚠️Thanks for your attention. Stay Safe!

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