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Who are the best forex signals provider in 2022?

There are many Forex signals providers claiming to be the best and there are also many ‘experts’ claiming to know who the best signals provider is (although most of these ‘experts’ are actually paid to promote specific signals providers!). I am going to take a different approach. I would like to explain how you can find the best signal provider yourself. This will allow you see through all the fake claims and reviews and find the best way to improve your trading. I have gone through this process and I am very pleased with the signal providers that I have found. I have listed these at the end of this answer but do not just take my word for it, if you follow the steps in this article, you will find the best Forex signals providers yourself.

Best Forex Signals 2022

Do your research and get a short list

Your first step is to start googling for who the best Forex signals providers are. But do not worry, you do not need to spend hours and hours looking at hundreds of websites. I would find 6 websites that either have user reviews or expert reviews and see which Forex signals providers are mentioned. You do not even need to read the reviews, just find the names of the 3 most commonly mentioned Forex signals providers. Only the genuinely best signal providers will have multiple sources giving them good reviews. It is these 3 signal providers that you will investigate further…

Investigate each of your short-listed Forex signals providers

Investigate each of your short-listed Forex signals providers

For each of the 3 signals providers on your short-list, open their websites and see what they offer. The first thing you want to look for is their historical performance. Is it positive? How many pips have they made? Most importantly, is it independently verified? Check to see a My Fx Book, FX Stat or FX Blue chart. These are verification companies that check Forex trading performance of signal providers. If you see a positive chart then you are much more likely to get good signals from this provider.

Once you have checked that the signal providers have verified performance you will need to see if the service that the signals provider offers is want you want. Think about what exactly you want from a signal service, and check off these requirements with what is stated on the Forex provider website. For example, if you are in the USA and want to receive signals on the major FX pairs through the Telegram app, then make sure you find a signal provider that offer this. If you are unsure then send any potential signal provider an email asking. I often find that a lot of signal providers fail at this final stage. Sadly, many never even reply to my email! If you want a good provider who will support you then the least you can expect is a reply to your emails!

Pick a Forex signals provider and sign up

Pick a Forex signals provider and sign up

Based on your research you should then easily know which is the best Forex signals provider for you. The next step is to sign up and see how it goes. I would always use a demo account to follow the signals for the first few weeks so that I can make sure everything is as expected and the signals produce from profit.

As promised here are the best Forex signal providers that I have found (and continue to use). They are perfect for me with good signals in my time zone etc. but they may not be perfect for you so I encourage you to do your own research.

  • ULTREOS FOREX ; I really like this signal provider. I have had very consistent results over the years. No matter what the market is doing, I have always good results from them. The only trade a limited number of FX pairs so if you want a lot of variety, they may not be the best for you.
  • SimpleTradeFx; Another good provider but has less signals than ULTREOS FOREX. I like that this provider sends signals by Telegram and only trades the major FX pairs.
  • Aeris Trading Real Channel; More of an education-based platform. They have trading courses and mentoring but I have also tried their signal service. I must say I was impressed; the signals are good and come through most days. I really liked that the strategy for the signals was taught in their trading course. The only problem that I had is that all the signals are intraday so if you want to do some swing trading then you may want to use another service as well.

So, to sum up, you need to be careful when finding a Forex signals provider but if you follow the steps in this answer, you can find the best Forex signals provider. They are out there. I have been fortunate enough to find great Forex signals providers that have really helped me so if you look you can find them.



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