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Best Trading Books That Tell Success Stories


Here are ten of the best trading books that tell the ups and downs of the trading journeys of successful traders. Unlike other trading books that discuss technical patterns, systems, and psychology, these books tell how a trader experienced the markets in real time. They can be very educational to hear how they navigated different market environments and what they were thinking and feeling in real time. They can be both educational and entertaining reads. Here are my top ten picks for books that tell about the journeys of traders that turn into great success stories.

Unknown Market Wizards: The best traders you’ve never heard of by Jack D. Schwager

The Man Who Solved the Market by Gregory Zuckerman

The Rule: How I Beat the Odds in the Markets and in Life―and How You Can Too by Larry Hite

Diary of a Professional Commodity Trader: Lessons from 21 Weeks of Real Trading by Peter L. Brandt

Trading Sardines by Linda Raschke

Laughing at Wall Street: How I Beat the Pros at Investing (by Reading Tabloids, Shopping at the Mall, and Connecting on Facebook) and How You Can by Chris Camillo

Pit Bull: Lessons from Wall Street’s Champion Day Trader by Martin Schwartz

How I Made $2,000,000 in the Stock Market by Nicolas Darvas

Jesse Livermore: World’s Greatest Stock Trader by Richard Smitten

How Legendary Traders Made Millions: Profiting From the Investment Strategies of the Gretest Traders of All Time by John Boik


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