Technical Analysis For Beginners (The Ultimate Guide)

Technical Analysis

Technical analysis is the art and science of reading charts to quantify the trend or trading range price is in, the path of least resistance for the next directional move, the area of value on the chart, and create good risk/reward ratios by defining key technical levels.

Moving Averages Indicator Work

Moving Averages Indicator

Moving Averages Indicator 10 Reasons moving averages work as trading tools. Moving averages have a place in any trader’s or investor’s strategy. They are my favorite filter for price action. Moving Averages are Great Trading Tools I like moving average signals for their power and simplicity in my trading and here is why: Here are … Read more

Hidden Bullish Divergence

Hidden Bullish Divergence RSI

In technical analysis a divergence pattern is a signal on a chart that occurs when the price of an asset is moving differently than a technical indicator. A divergence can show that the chart is becoming bullish and the chart may be beginning an upswing or uptrend in price action

Bear Pennant

Chart Facts: Bear Pennant Example Here is an example of a bear pennant that formed on the Bitcoin chart during a downtrend in price. After the clear downtrend in the first half of January a bear pennant formed in the second half of January before the downtrend continued in the first week of February. Price … Read more

Identifying The Head and Shoulders Pattern

The Head and Shoulders Chart Pattern is one of the most popular and bearish patterns in technical analysis. It defines three attempts to make highs and then trend but fail, it precedes many major corrections and bear markets. Chart Facts: The below $GS chart shows a Head and Shoulders pattern that was very fast to … Read more

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