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Piercing Pattern Candlestick Chart


Piercing pattern candlestick chart is a two day price action pattern. It is created after one large down black or red candlestick followed by one large up white or green candlestick that opens below the low of the preceding candlestick but closes over halfway up into the previous black bearish body candlestick. This candlestick pattern is considered as a reversal signal when it appears near the bottom of an existing downtrend. 

Piercing Pattern Candlestick Chart

As seen above, the opening of this bullish candle is typically lower than that of the other candlestick.

Piercing pattern happens during two days when the first candle is created by bearish lower prices and then the second candle takes prices first lower than the previous day but then buyers step in to push it back at least 50% up inside the previous day’s candle range. This reversal shows that the supply of shares from sellers at lower prices has been absorbed in the market by buyers. This sudden demand from buyers at lower prices visually shows that there is a high probability of a bullish reversal in the short term. The piercing pattern candlestick chart typically only projects out momentum for approximately a five day timeframe. The piercing pattern is also called the piercing line, bullish piercing, or piercing candle. 

How to identify a piercing pattern

It’s not too difficult to perform the exercise of recognizing the piercing-line pattern. You must first confirm that the asset’s price is declining. The pattern you observe is not a piercing line if it is not.

Second, there is a bearish candle on the left that frequently has a big body and little upper and lower shadows. It’s crucial to take attention of this candlestick’s length because it needs to be a little bit long.

Third, a bullish candle that closes roughly 50% higher than the preceding candlestick’s closure follows the bearish candle. There should be a tiny gap in this candle.


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