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Michael Burry Book Recommendations


Michael Burry is a famous investor that made his fortune shorting the housing market in 2007-2008 using derivatives. He manages Scion Asset Management, LLC. He’s a deep value investor looking for stocks below fundamental company value. He will also sell short stocks that are fundamentally far too high based on intrinsic current and future company value.

Michael Burry Bookshelf

Michael Burry recently shared a picture of one of his bookshelves with his followers before later deleting the tweet.

Michael Burry Book List

Did Michael Burry write a book?

While Michaal Burry didn’t write a book himself, however he is featured as the main subject of The Big Short by Michael Lewis and the movie by the same name and his character is played by Christian Bale.


How To Win the Game Of Trading

Most studies show that 90% of traders and investors don’t make money over the long-term. The majority of traders, even if they get lucky and profitable early just give back those gains over time. Even buy and hold investors can become shaken out of their long-term plans to not sell when a vicious bear market takes back years of gains. 80% of traders also tend to just quit altogether during their first two years of learning lessons the hard way. Most traders don’t really fail they just quit too early and never even to the work required to even try to be successful.

Most Traders Lose Money, Why?

Most traders DO lose money. Social media makes it look easier than it is because so many people are posting their winning trades. Availability bias is believing information you see most. Seeing it most doesn’t make it true. Losers just tend to be less public about it.

Most important lessons learned early on in trading

Here are five of the most important lessons I learned early on in trading that could help others just getting started or traders that are frustrated not being able to achieve profitability.

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